Updated 13 May 2021

Queensland Touch Football (QTF) has been provided the following information from the Queensland Department of Sport t& Recreation and Queensland Health to guide and assist Affiliates and Regions on the latest COVID Safe measures.

QTF will continue to follow the latest advice and direction from the Queensland Department of Sport and Recreation and Queensland Health.



Outdoor-based sporting organisations (including Touch Football) are no longer considered restricted businesses under the Business Restrictions Direction (No. 19). Therefore, organisations are no longer required to comply with an Industry COVID Safe Plan and are not required to continue collecting contact tracing information.

It is not possible for contact sports to observe physical distancing while undertaking activity, however physical distancing should be observed at all other times, where possible.

Whilst not mandatory we encourage you to continue to promote COVID Safe measures, including:

  • Do not attend training or games if you have flu like symptoms
  • Promoting physical distancing
  • Promotion of good hand and respiratory hygiene, and
  • Regular cleaning and disinfection of frequently touched surfaces and equipment.

Outdoor‑only events are not required to follow an Industry COVID Safe Plan or a COVID Safe Event Checklist.



Indoor occupant density requirements no longer apply to shared change rooms for these organisations.

Indoor spaces associated with outdoor clubs, such as clubhouses or canteens with indoor dining etc are still required to:

  • Follow occupant density requirements (e.g. one person per 2 square metres) relevant to that space
  • Keep contact information
  • Allow for physical distancing to the extent possible and adhere to the public health controls.

Further information regarding the restrictions for sport, recreation, and fitness organisations can be found here.

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Updated 13 May 2021

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