Attendance Register / Contact Tracing

Attendance Register / Contact Tracing Requirements 

Contact tracing is a way of slowing the spread of infections by identifying people who have been in contact with an infected person. Field Team Sports will adopt the below, as well as any other recommendations from State and Federal Governments:

Affiliates may be required to provide The Public Health unit with contact tracing information within 1 hour of the request.


  • All players, officials, staff and visitors to a venue or training session are encouraged to subscribe to the Government’s COVID-19 tracing app.
  • Records of attendance at training and competitions to be maintained.
  • Records of attendance of spectators at training and competitions to be maintained.
  • Records to be kept for 56 days.

Registers can be implemented by:

  • Using a digital form (Microsoft/Google) + QR Code Generator (example below). Display posters with the corresponding QR code scattered around the venue to avoid congregation or
  • Safevisit or Evacheckin.com contactless QR Code Check-in Technology. Example – Visitor EVA demo site login poster 
  • There are a number of sites that may assist with spectators, use of free ticketing sites like Event Brite. Have parents and any non-participants to buy a free ticket, with no more registrations allowed once the maximum number of tickets has been allocated. Alternatively; they can follow the same process as participants above.

Note: Ensure you make the forms link available at the venue in case participants do not have a compatible smartphone. It is also wise to keep a printed register on hand at the venue.

Example: Microsoft Form & QR Code

  • Digital Form Example – Check In | Check Out.
  • Duplicate this form and start to use it as your own (via Office 365). Data will be stored in your Office 365 folder.
  • Accompanying Poster to display at venues example – Click here

*Note: if you use the above Microsoft forms template you can create a QR code by typing into google “Free QR Code Generator”. You will then be able to link your digital form to your QR code and drop it into Microsoft Word to create a poster. Alternatively, you can use other QR Code Check-in Technology.

How to use the QR code?

  1. Open up the Camera App on your phone – Visitors without a QR code capable phone can sign in via the specific link provided at the facility.
  2. Focus your camera on the QR code and wait for a box to appear at the top of your phone
  3. Go to the website that is opened on your phone.
  4. Complete your contact details and the club / team you are a parent or spectator for today. {e.g BMTA
  5. Confirm your check-in
  6. Please remember to check out when you leave the facility.

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