Congratulations to all Referee Appointments for Finals

10 Girls
Lisa Keenan
Molley Sewell
Sophie Crouch

10 Boys
Max Wylie
Daniel Wojtasek
Jacob Gregg

12 Girls
Blake Cooper
Lachlan Carey
Chelsey Wilks

12 Boys
Ken Chan
Lawren Sullivan
Riley Prendergast

14 Girls
Cameron Turner
Aaron Foxover
Trevor Schelberg

14 Boys
Craig McKee
Matt Manning
Kurtis Sankey

16 Girls
Bree-Anne Lo Grande
Adam Stevenson
Greg Kidd

16 Boys
Matt Butler
Scott Campbell
Denise Weier

18 Girls
Danielle Nunn
Matt Waters
Matt Prendergast

18 Boys
Darren Couper
Jordan Randle
Campbell Muir


Junior State Cup 2019 Referee Appointments are located on the ‘Referees’ tab under ‘Documents & Policies’.

NOTE: Referee appointments are subject to change. Check the Referee Master appointments located at the Referee Manager desk for up to date appointments.

2019 Junior State Cup Referee Information Booklet – Click Here.

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