Touch Football Australia (TFA) and Queensland Touch Football (QTF) encourage participation in our sport, in any capacity, by all members of the community – without reference to age, ability, income, education, sexual preference, race or religion.

We are committed to providing a safe environment, that is free from harassment, discrimination and abuse for everyone, and promotes inclusion, respectful and positive behaviour and values.

The TFA Member Protection Policy aims to assist our sport in upholding its core values and create a safe, fair and inclusive environment for everyone. It sets out our commitment to ensure that every person involved in our sport is treated with respect and dignity and protected from discrimination, harassment and abuse. It also ensures that everyone involved in our sport is aware of their legal and ethical rights and responsibilities, as well as the standards of behaviour expected of them.

The Policy describes the practical steps we will take to eliminate discrimination, harassment, child abuse and other forms of inappropriate behaviour from our sport and outlines procedures for resolving complaints based on the principles of procedural fairness.


TFA Member Protection Policy - Click Here


Member Protection Information Officers

Member Protection Information Officers (MPIO) play an important role in sport. They provide information and guidance on complaints procedures – they are the ‘go to’ person if you want to discuss problems at your club/association/affiliate.


Sam Heath
Email: sam.heath@qldtouch.com.au
Phone: 0417 419 837


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