School Sport Programs

The QTF School Sport Program will support a number of touch football programs and initiatives that will enhance representative School Sport pathways, expand School Sport engagement and support School Sport participation across Queensland.


  1. Formalise MOU with Queensland School Sport Touch to School Pathways
    Queensland Touch Football will collaborate with Queensland School Sport Touch Committee to revise Queensland School Sport Touch MOU that seeks to assist in supporting Representative School Sport pathways.
  1. Coach mentoring and player education for School State Representative Teams
    Queensland Touch Football will provide coach/player mentoring, athlete education and support for Queensland School Sport Representative Teams.  This will include planned activities pre, during and post-event.
  1. Coach and referee support of Queensland School Sport District Trials
    Queensland Touch Football will provide support through the Queensland School Sport District Trials, including support of trials and selections process, coach and referee accredited training and professional development.



  1. Assist with operations and marketing support for regional Primary & Secondary All Schools Touch Football
    Queensland Touch Football will support hosting or expansion of regional Primary & Secondary All Schools Touch Football events, including improving the marketing, promotion and operations of events and event calendar.
  1. Partner with Lifestream to include All Abilities Touch Football within the school sport pathway
    Queensland Touch Football will partner with Lifestream to promote All Abilities Touch Football and increase opportunities for greater inclusion of Schools and students with a disability in School Sport participation and pathways.
  1. Expand the number of Touch Football Australia endorsed Queensland Schools
    Queensland Touch Football will promote the requirements and benefits of the TFA School Endorsement leading to the expansion of TFA Endorsed Schools operating in Queensland.



  1. Support the delivery of Schools District Cup providing quality competitions, coaching and referee development
    The ‘Schools District Cup’ mirrors the Queensland School Sport framework and aligns with the Queensland All Schools pathway. Schools District Cup is a regular schools competition hosted at local Touch Football affiliate to assist in developing your schools Touch Football pathways, with registered schools assisted with player, coach, and referee development.
  2. Engage School Liaison Officers within local associations to encourage the growth of new junior competitions
    Queensland Touch Football will engage several Schools Liaison Officers (casual/part-time) to deliver programs and initiatives to targeted schools, within the proximity of local Touch Football associations, to encourage participation in new junior competitions.
  1. Touch Football, Teacher Professional Development
    Queensland Touch Football will deliver Teacher Professional Development opportunities to further enhance your skills and delivery of Touch Football as a Coach and player developer. The engaging, fun, hands-on learning will provide the opportunity to further develop your Touch Football IQ, while completing 3-hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in accordance with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST).


Further Information

For further information on the Queensland Touch Football – School Sport Program, please contact;

Katie Geiger
Game Development Officer
M 0408 550 415
E katie@qldtouch.com.au


This is an initiative of the Queensland Touch Football School Sport Program funded through the Queensland Government, which aims to enhance the quality and quantity of school sport performance pathways and participation.


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