Junior Emerging Talent Squad

The Junior Emerging Talent Squad (JETS) was established in January 2007 to provide a pathway for youth referees, our stars of the future. This program is for referees that display the potential to progress to the elite level and underpins referee participation at youth events at local, state and national level.

The key objective of the JETS program is to provide a structured pathway for young referees to achieve their goals with the help of coaching and support from other elite referees, coaches, players and mentors. The program provides the opportunity for junior referees to participate at Queensland’s Youth Academy Camp. Additionally, it grants participants access to Queensland Touch Football’s extensive resources to ensure JETS sustain physical fitness and enhance mental strength.

Entering its 13th year, the JETS squad maintains it’s highest standard of referees. By working with other professionals within our sport, JETS referees are expected to uphold professionalism both on and off the field like those who have come before them, becoming known as leaders within their own regions.





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