Queensland Touch Football conducts events for Affiliated Regions, Associations and Clubs, offering competition for the states players, coaches, referees and administrators.

Volunteers are extremely important and are an integral part to any sporting competition or tournament. There is no way this massive event could be staged without the involvement of volunteers. Reasons to get involved:

  • Being part of the event and supporting the sport
  • Helping put smiles on the faces of participants
  • Meeting lots of interesting people
  • To extend current or learn new skills
  • To gain experience in sporting events and tournaments, particularly for university students

Are you currently studying and need to complete a large amount of volunteer hours or practical experience?

Volunteering for our events is a great opportunity for you!In just one weekend you can knock off plenty of your required hours whilst experiencing one of the biggest sporting events in the state. Add it to your CV and this could also help you in finding future employment.


How to find out more…

Whether you can only help for a couple of hours, a day or the whole weekend, we need your help! We have a number of positions to be filled and we can suit it to your availability.

For more information contact the QTF Team at admin@qldtouch.com.au.

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