Queensland Touch Football would like to congratulate the following referees on their State of Origin selection for the 2022 event, to be held Friday 19 August and Saturday 20 August 2022 at C.ex International Stadium, Coffs Harbour.

David Bowtell QLD
Linda Buchanan QLD
Darren Couper QLD
Brett Freshwater QLD
Lachlan Freshwater QLD
Zoe Genrich QLD
Zac Genrich QLD
John Hamstra QLD
Miriam Hansen QLD
Adam Hogan QLD
Michael Landsberg QLD
Matt Lavery QLD
Michael Littlefield QLD
Bree-Ann Lo Grande QLD
Douglas Mackie QLD
Campbell Muir QLD
Marcus Muller QLD
Matthew Prendergast QLD
Fiona Quinn QLD
Jordan Randle QLD
Trev Schelberg QLD
Aaron Searston QLD
Brad Smith QLD
Paul Sullivan QLD
Chelsey Wilks QLD
Amanda Sheeky SA
Giancarlo Leung VIC
Nicole Alexander WA
Robert McKay WA
Paul Richardson WA
Nicole West WA
David Baggio NSW
Philip Balcombe NSW
Victor Baptista NSW
Emma Bleasdale NSW
Tony Calabria NSW
John Clark NSW
Mason Colwell NSW
Amanda Draper NSW
John Frost NSW
Daniel Kustec NSW
Tess Leahy NSW
Greg Myers NSW
Barry Nichols NSW
Stephen Pike NSW
Chris Reynolds NSW
Rebecca Rogers NSW
Brandon Sanderson NSW
Alanah Sinclair NSW
Kim Skelly NSW
Anthony Smith NSW
Ryan Wake NSW
Rachel Whiteside NSW
Sam Whiteside NSW

Ian Matthew
Dave Field
Chris Dolahenty
Joe Lo Grande
Craig Schumacher
Luke McKenzie



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