Affiliate Education Series

Through our recently announced partnership with CPR Group, Queensland Touch Football are proud to provide support to our volunteers and associations to build capability, develop strong and viable organisations and optimise the touch football experience for everyone involved in this great sport through an ongoing Affiliate Education Series.

The FREE webinar series will help Affiliate Committees and Administrators to run better businesses and to help volunteers and staff to become happier and more confident in their roles:

  1.   Induction for new Management Committee and Board Members – Monday 21 August 2023
  2.   Planning for Success – Monday 16 October 2023
  3.   Optimising the Participant Experience – Queensland Touch Football Affiliate Conference: Monday 27 November 2023
  4.   Marketing, Social Media and Engagement – Monday 19 February
  5.   Grant Writing – Monday 25 March 2024
  6.   Governance, Incorporation and Committees – Monday 13 May 2024


Register for the FREE Affiliate Education webinars below:

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Marketing, Social Media and Engagement – WEBINAR

Register now for Monday 19 February 2024
6:30pm AEST

Presented by the QTF Marketing team

Marketing involves communicating information about an organisation’s activities and facilities to retain existing members, attract new members, volunteers and sponsors. One of the most important elements of running a successful affiliate is communication. Social media and mobile phone technology have opened new opportunities for communicating with members, volunteers and supporters.

But, where do you start? There are a number of communication tools available to associations and social media is fast becoming a preferred way to communicate. Understanding your brand, your purpose and your audience is critical to effective communication.

This session is tailored to volunteers and associations who are interested in using interactive technologies to facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas and content to engage, inform and broaden their marketing reach.

This webinar will cover:

  • What is marketing?
  • The importance of Brand
  • Social media
  • How to increase engagement


Grant Writing – WEBINAR

Register now for Monday 25 March 2024
6:30pm AEST

This workshop is designed for volunteers in associations and clubs to learn the fundamental skills needed to write successful grant applications.

Every not-for-profit organisation is different and your grant applications should reflect this individuality. This webinar will focus on how you can create successful grant applications with good planning techniques and how to best tell your organisation’s story to make it stand out from the rest.


Governance, Incorporation and Committees – WEBINAR

Register now for Monday 13 May 2024
6:30pm AEST

Good governance is a key component of a thriving organisation. Nevertheless, volunteers and staff often find it difficult to prioritise the time needed to set up good systems and processes to guide their business operations, when they face so many competing priorities on a daily basis.

During this session, we will explore what good touch football governance looks like in the real world. Avoiding corporate jargon, we will help you to understand basic governance principles, re-think your business model and set your organisation up for long-term success. We will discuss important recent amendments to the Associations Incorporation Act 1981. We’ll provide practical information regarding your legal obligations, as well as tips to help your board or committee feel confident and comfortable in their roles.


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Previous Webinars:

Induction for new Management Committee and Board Members – WEBINAR

Monday 21 August 2023
6:30pm AEST

You’re voted in as a new committee member… Now what?

As a volunteer for a touch football association or club in Queensland, you play a crucial role in the success of your group. You invest your time, effort and skills to help your community thrive. However, being a volunteer can also be challenging, especially if you’re new to the role. That’s where an induction training session can make all the difference.

Induction training helps new board and committee members understand their roles and responsibilities and become familiar with the organisation’s operations, constitution, policies, structure and culture. This type of training is particularly important for touch football associations and clubs that rely on volunteers to run their programs and services effectively.


Planning for Success

Register now for Monday 16 October 2023
6:30pm AEST

What better way to predict the future of your affiliate than to create it?

Planning is one of the most exciting tasks for committees because it gives you the chance to set aside your day-to-day operations and dream up a big future. Some of the most successful turnaround stories in affiliates started with those organisations planning ahead.

In this session, we’ll explore how strategic planning can assist with your touch football association’s growth and success and will provide practical steps for putting together a great plan!


Optimising the Participant Experience 

Presented at the QTF Affiliate Conference by CPR Group

Monday 27 November 2023

Register for the QTF Affiliate Conference here!

Touch football organisations thrive because of the enthusiastic participants who take part in the sport. That’s why you should continually strive for enhancing the participant experience.

Join us in this enlightening session as we delve into the significance of cultivating a positive participant experience. We will explore the key factors that contribute to a thriving environment within your touch football association or club, where participants feel content, engaged and inspired to continue playing the sport.

Uncover valuable tips for ensuring participant happiness and continued engagement in your touch football association or club!



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