Queensland Representative School Sport and Queensland Touch Football are proud to introduce the Coach Developer Program to support and provide professional development to aspiring Foundation level coaches at Queensland Representative School Sport (QRRS) events.

The QTF Coach Developer Program (CDP) is a free initiative that encourages coaches to take their coaching journey and skill set to the next level. Through a combination of training and mentoring, we focus on supporting the coach on the job. This exciting program is designed to support emerging coaches and provide professional development opportunities catered to the individual coach’s needs.

From pre-event coaching and game plan development to developing technical, tactical and process-related game plans – the program covers it all. Participating coaches receive face to face, on-field coaching support throughout the chosen event, gaining the confidence and skills to create a positive and welcoming environment for all players in which to learn and thrive.

Purpose of the program:

  • Support coaches to deliver touch football, before, during & post tournament
  • Help coaches feel more comfortable and confident in their role
  • Provide pre-event coach support through game plan development
  • To provide technical, tactical and process related game plan support as required
  • To provide game plan development support
  • Provide coaches with game support, ie statistics during live game analysis, side line support

How the program works:

The program will be offered through three phases, with a Coach Developer allocated to each registered participant.

  1. Coaches will join an interactive online session, where Coach Developers will discuss training and game plans for the event.
  2. Coaches will then attend an exclusive, invitation-only, Coach Developer Forum where they can pick the brains of the Coach Developers and fellow coaches.
  3. Coaches will receive face-to-face coaching and support from the Coach Developer throughout the event, and receive a post tournament feedback report to complete the program.

Further information is availble in the QRSS-QTF Coach Developer Program Bulletin Notice. 

Register your interest:

To be a part of the Coach Developer Program, complete the QRSS – QTF Coach Developer Form (click here).



This is an initiative of the Queensland Touch Football School Sport Program funded through the Queensland Government, which aims to enhance the quality and quantity of school sport performance pathways and participation.

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