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Referees play a vital role in Touch Football, ensuring our game is played in a fair, safe and enjoyable environment for all participants.

Becoming an accredited referee is an important step in ensuring that you are equipped with the knowledge of the Rules of the game, but also the latest on-field game information, and skills to manage and create a safe and enjoyable environment for all. It is also a great way to remain fit and active and participate in our game.

Touch Football Australia has a six-tier accreditation

8th Edition Rules
Touch Football Australia (TFA) has endorsed the 8th Edition Playing Rules for use in all Touch Football Australia affiliated competitions from 1 January 2020.

State, Regional and Affiliate competitions are encouraged to review their competition dates and implement the 8th Edition at a time deemed appropriate to their community.

It is proposed that all affiliated competitions across Australia will be operating under the 8th Edition for Season 2, 2020.

The intent of the 8th Edition is not to change the way the game is played, refereed or coached, rather it is to update the rules to reflect the current trends of the game. Included in the 8th Edition is an exciting new Drop-Off format expected to bring new levels of excitement to our already action packed game.

Please find below the 8th Edition Rules or for further information visit https://touchfootball.com.au/8th-edition-touch-football-rules/.


Referee Coaching 

Polices and Frameworks


Additional Affiliate Resources can also be found in the Clubhouse section of the website


Course Information

Course Name Duration and Format (approx) Pre-Requisite Course Outline
Level 1 4 Hours face to face Workshop ASC Community Officiating General Principles  (requirement from September 2013)


L1-Participant Information Outline
Level 2 4 Hours face to face workshop
Pass Level 2 On-field Assessment
Level 1 Referee Accreditation
Level 2 Referee Course Pre-Course Home Study Rules Quiz
ASC Community Officiating General Principles  (if not previously completed)
L2-Participant Information Outline
Level 3 4.5 Hours face to face workshop
Pass Level 3 On-field Assessment
Level 2 Referee Accreditation for minimum 12 months.
ASC Community Officiating General Principles  (if not previously completed)
L3-Participant Information Outline

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