The Queensland Touch Football (QTF) referee technical arm is responsible for the education, training and development of touch football referees in Queensland. The team oversees a set of policies and guidelines that supports the progression of referees and ensures the technical arm remains relevant and aligned with QTF’s vision and delivery of Referee Services.

The following outlines the roles of the QTF Referees Management Team and State Referee Panel.


The Director of Referees provides leadership, direction and oversees all programs, and will be the driver and motivator of all aspects of the arm.

Director of Referees  Dave Field

The Referees Manager/Support is responsible for the coordination of all logistical and administrative requirements for referees at state events, in accordance with the requirements of QTF.

Referee Manager Kate Spranklin
Referee Manager Support Stacey Murdoch


Primarily responsible for the implementation, evaluation, and revision of referee coaching and assessment throughout Queensland including the development of the State Referee Panel.

Coaching & Assessment Joe Lo Grande
Coaching & Assessment Support Brendan Jones Robert Cooper


To develop and manage the Referee Sports Performance program in Queensland while ensuring professional and constructive assessment of referees.

Sports Performance Dave Field
Sports Performance Support Brendon Lester Luke McKenzie


Primarily responsible for junior development via tournament reports, development plans, and junior strategies and liaising with Regional Directors of Referees to seek feedback on junior referees that have the potential for selection onto the JETS program.

Junior Development Ivan Giammarco
Junior Development Support Lee Rossow
JETS Coordinator Campbell Muir
JETS Coordinator Support Bec Cooper


Primarily responsible for Referee upgrades, and includes liaising with Affiliates and Regional Directors of Referees to seek feedback for potential referees that they feel have the ability to achieve an accreditation upgrade (Level 3, 4, 5, 6)  meeting the minimum requirements (time/courses).

Upgrades Greg Taylor
Upgrades Support Damien Miller Matthew Prendergast

The State Referee Panel will work with the QTF Referees Coaching Panel at selected tournaments with the view to upgrading referee coaching ability and levels and undertake to the coach of Referees.


All panel members are referee coaches and have the capability of presenting Badge Level Courses, Facilitator, and Referee Coach Courses.

David Coe, Tanya Findlay, Brendan Jones, Brendan Lester, Rob Cooper, Luke McKenzie, Matt Lavery, Matt Prendergast, Damien Miller, Lee Rossow, Bec Cooper, Scott Marsh, Renee Marsh, Lawren Sullivan, Peter Young, Alex Wong, and Campbell Muir.


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