Congratulations to the Team Management of the 2022 State of Origin

Open Men’s

Head Coach – Jason Boyd
Assistant Coach – Nic Pecchiar
Manager – Gary Benbow

Open Women’s

Head Coach – Renee Murphy
Assistant Coach – Leasha Thouard
Manager – Kellie Curtis

Open Mixed

Head Coach – Michael Baartz
Assistant Coach – Danny Goodwin
Manager – Jodie May

Men’s 20s

Head Coach – Chris Loth
Assistant Coach – David Parker
Manager – Brad Shine

Women’s 20s

Head Coach – Paul Cobham
Assistant Coach – Leeanne Bauer
Manager – Melanie Flesser

Mixed 30s

Head Coach – Gavin Shuker
Assistant Coach – To Be Advised
Manager – Katrina Grant

Men’s 30s

Head Coach – Damien Kelso
Assistant Coach – Jordan Seeto
Manager – Mark Wilde

Women’s 27s

Head Coach – Geoff Hooper
Assistant Coach – Drina Brady
Manager – Ashleigh Solomon

Men’s 35s

Head Coach – Mark Edwards
Assistant Coach – Levi Te Namu
Manager – Greg Taylor

Women’s 35s

Head Coach – John Bourke
Assistant Coach – Billy Dorrick
Manager – Lisa Baisden

Men’s 40s

Head Coach – John Morris
Assistant Coach – David Bonser
Manager – Moses Choy

Women’s 40s

Head Coach – Chris Swaddle
Assistant Coach – Mel Smitch
Manager – Mark Phillips

Men’s 45s

Head Coach – Tim Vallalba
Assistant Coach – Joe Schweitzer
Manager – Wayne Butcher

Women’s 45s

Head Coach – Baz Cutmore
Assistant Coach – Glyn Mathers
Manager – Deb Seymour

Men’s 50s

Head Coach – Scott Notley
Assistant Coach – Ash Heiniger
Manager – Tony Hawthorn

Women’s 5os Invitational*

Head Coach – John Collins
Assistant Coach – Karleigh Little
Manager – Nick Manicott

Men’s 55s

Head Coach – Kevin Flett
Assistant Coach – Wayne Holder
Manager – Graham Russell

Men’s 60s

Head Coach – Kevin Hickey
Manager – John Seymour

We can’t wait to see you all perform and lead our teams to victory in 2022!

More information will be available shortly – head here for more!

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