Queensland Touch Football (QTF) is the official state body of touch football in Queensland and a member of Touch Football Australia (TFA). QTF is responsible for the development and growth of the sport across the state including the leadership and management of competitions, representative pathways, events, game development and participation. QTF aims to create a culture and environment that provides opportunities for all people to participate and thrive through their touch football experience.

QTF contributes to the development of players and provides representative pathway opportunities for all from the grassroots to its elite teams, the Queensland Broncos, Cowboys and Titans.  Providing leadership to 6 regions, 72 affiliated touch football associations, QTF has over 80,000 registered members and an additional 35,000 children participating in school programs and related activities.

Queensland Touch Football was established 20 January 1979, when it was agreed to affiliate with the newly formed Australian Touch Association (2 December 1978), known as Touch Football Australia.




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