Paul Eggers

Life Member Since 1986

Russell Mowles

Life Member Since 1986

1973 Foundation Player – Brisbane Touch Football Association
1974 – 1981Foundation Secretary – S.E.Q.T.F.A. (Brisbane) – Later Known as Metropolitan T.F.A.
1978 Foundation Secretary of South Qld TFA (Region)
1979 Awarded Life Membership of Metropolitan T.F.A.
1982 – 1985 President – Metropolitan T.F.A.
1985 – 1986 – Foundation President of Brisbane City T.F.A. (Region)
1979 – Foundation Secretary/Treasurer of Qld Touch Association and Served as Secretary Until 1984
1980 – Co-Ordinator of the Inaugural Qld Touch State Championships
1980, 1982 and 1983 – General Manager of The Qld Touch Teams Competing at National Championships
1979 – 1993 – Qld Delegate to Australian Touch Association
1985 – 1996 – President Qld Touch Association
1986 – Awarded Life Membership of Qld Touch Association
1994 – 1997 – President of Australian Touch Assn And Delegate to F.I.T.
1995 – General Manager Australian Teams – World Cup
2000 – Awarded A.S.M for Services to Touch Football

Barry Doyle

Life Member Since 1987

Bill Pierce

Life Member Since 1987

Peter McNeven

Life Member Since 1992

1978-1985 Foundation President – Squash United Touch Club
1980-1985 Vice President – Ipswich Touch association
1982-84 Ipswich Delegate to SEQTA
1982-1985 Coach of SUTC – three successful Men’s “A” titles
1983-84 South East Queensland Delegate to QTF
1984 Vice President – South East Queensland
1984-85 Foundation Secretary – South West Queensland Touch
1984-95 Ipswich Delegate to SWQTA
1984-97 Queensland Board of Management
1986-87 President – Ipswich Touch Association
1986-1987 Coach of ITA Men’s Open team to three successful Men’s Open titles
1987 Coach of SWQTA Men’s Open team to a State Men’s Open title
1988-1990-1992 Coach of Queensland Men’s Open team to three successful National titles
1991-1999 Coach of the Australian Men’s Open team winning three World Cups.
1992 Queensland Delegate to TFA
1995-1996 Coach of Queensland Men’s Open team to back-to-back State of Origin titles without losing a game.
2004 First coach to be inducted into Australian Touch Football “Hall of Fame”.
2010 Awarded “Men’s Coach” – 30 Years of Australian National Championships
2011 Peter McNeven Medal, struck in honour of coaching excellence, Awarded “Elite 8’s Men’s Coach of the Championship”.
2013 – and current Federation International Touch Coaching Commission Chair
2014 Federation International Touch Board Member

Raymond Eustace

Life Member Since 1992

Richard Munro

Life Member Since 1993

Bill Ker

Life Member Since 1996

Alan Satchell

Life Member Since 2000

Patrick Carroll

Life Member Since 2010

1973: Began playing Touch in the Brisbane Touch Football Association
1979: Began playing Touch in Redlands Touch Association
1987: Redlands Delegate to South Coast Touch Association
1988: Vice President South Coast Touch Association (later changed to South Queensland and Border Districts Touch Association)
1989 – 2002: SQBD Administrator
1989 – 2002: SQBD Delegate to Queensland Touch Association
1991: Organised a Parliamentary Reception for all SQBD World Cup representatives
1992 – 1996: QTA Director of Junior Development
1992 – 1996: State Coach Men’s Over 40
1993: Life Member of Redlands Touch Association
1993: Completed Graduate Diploma of Sport Coaching at University of Queensland
1994: Developed, planned and helped deliver the content of the inaugural Queensland Development Camp for Under 20 participants
1995: Australian Assistant Coach World Cup Men’s Over 40
1996: Developed, planned and organised the inaugural Queensland Junior State Cup
1998: Coach of the South Africa Men’s Open Tour for the Tour of South East Queensland and NSW State Cup
2007 -2011: Chairman of QTA
2007 – 2010: QTA Delegate to Touch Football Association (TFA)
2009: Life Member of SQBD
2010: Life Member of QTA
2014 – Present:  Federation of International Touch Coaching Commission Member

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