Published December 2022

Queensland Touch Football (QTF) held its Annual General Meeting for the 2021/22 reporting period on Saturday 10 December 2022.

QTF Chairman, Troy Morgan, thanked and acknowledged the resilience and effort of all members, including boards, affiliates, and regions in not only being able to overcome the challenging landscape of 2021/2022, but also recognising the growth of touch football in Queensland with overall participation increasing by 6% again this year.

Queensland continues to lead the way nationally with Full Active Junior participation increasing by 11% to the highest participant numbers ever recorded in Queensland of 36,802. Likewise, the number of Junior teams participating in Affiliate competitions across Queensland increased by 19.6% to 2,998 teams.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) saw the appointment of member elected Director, Haylene Grogan to the Board. Haylene previously held a casual vacancy position on the QTF Board.

Morgan welcomed Haylene’s expertise to the QTF Board, “We’re thrilled to have Haylene continue on the QTF Board. Haylene is an accomplished leader with a wealth of experience in her professional career and a keen advocate for First Nations people’s rights and equality. She has had a long-standing involvement in Touch Football and is excited at the opportunity to contribute back to the sport”.

Morgan continued to thank and commend the outstanding contribution and commitment of the QTF staff, partners and volunteers for their tireless support throughout the year. “The ongoing support of our partners, event partners, and the Queensland Government, as well as the hard work and dedication of the entire QTF team, who work tirelessly for the benefit of our members and stakeholders.” Said Morgan.

The meeting heard, despite another challenging year of disruptions and significant weather events, QTF reported an operating surplus of $176, 994 to the membership. “This is another pleasing result, reporting consecutive years of surplus, after a few tough years”, Morgan stated.

In closing Morgan thanked the boards, staff, regions, affiliates and all stakeholders for their efforts throughout the year who support and enjoy the game of touch football each and every day and continue to collectively Unite, Inspire and Grow touch football in Queensland.

A copy of 2022 QTF Annual Report is available at https://qldtouch.com.au/annual-report.



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