Does an Affiliate have to complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan and does it need to be approved?

An Affiliate must have a COVID-19 Safety Plan in place prior to recommencing training or competition. Your COVID-19 Safety Plan must be in line with the approved Industry COVID Safe Plan – Field Sports. where a Plan exists for an activity (ie touch football), it must be followed in order for that activity to be conducted. It is recommended your COVID-19 Safety Plan is reviewed by your relevant Region to ensure your Affiliate is meeting State Government Return To Play requirements.


Under Stage 3 restrictions, are outdoor sporting competitions limited to groups of up to 100 or has that number limit been increased?

Under Stage 3 of Queensland’s Roadmap to easing restrictions, there is no longer a limit on the maximum number of people allowed at an outdoor venue as long physical distancing is observed outside of the field of play.

Please be aware that under Stage 3 sport, recreation and fitness activities can only be conducted when following an Industry COVID Safe Plan.

From 12pm, Friday 3 July 2020 the ease of restrictions permits sport, recreation and fitness organisations following an Industry COVID Safe Plan to recommence activity including competition and physical contact within the field of play. Your organisation’s activities would fall under the Industry COVID Safe Plan – Field Sports.

Do I need to track and trace parents and spectators?


All participants, officials, spectators and anyone else who attends the venue must be tracked and traced. Contact tracing is a way of slowing the spread of infections by identifying people who have been in contact with an infected person.

– Records of attendance at training and competitions to be maintained.
– Records of attendance of spectators at training and competitions to be maintained.
– Records to be kept for 56 days.

Click here to find out more information.

Are there specific requirement for Events (eg: carnivals, championships, large scale events)?


For sporting organisations, events can be defined as those that fall outside of regular competition structure/fixture (e.g. carnivals, championships, gala days, large scale events etc.)Resumption of event activities should align with the whole of Government Industry Framework for COVID Safe Events and the Industry COVID Safe Plan – Field Sports.

Organisations must ensure the relevant approvals are in place for events.

 Fewer than 500 people – no Queensland Health approval needed when following a COVID Safe Event Checklist.
• 500 to 10,000 people – need a COVID Safe Event Plan approved by local Public Health units.
 Over 10,000 people – need a COVID Safe Event Plan approved by the Queensland Chief Health Officer.

Does the TFA National Insurance Scheme coverage include COVID-19?

The Association Liability wording in the TFA National Insurance Scheme doesn’t have exclusions in regards to communicable disease or specifically Covid-19. Given this, any member, including the Safety Officers, will be able to seek indemnity under the policy.

How do I manage the flow of people around the venue?

You must create separate entry and exit points at your venue. Consider creating a one-way flow of people through the venue by placing arrows on walls and the ground, and close areas of potential congestion.

How often are public toilets and amenities required to be cleaned?

Hygiene and cleaning requirements include a thorough clean of the venue including field of play entry, pitch and coaching equipment, clubrooms, toilets prior to any use by user groups.

Measures should be consistent with that outlined in your COVID Safe Plan for what is reasonable for the number of people frequenting the venue. For example, the more people using toilet facilities will require increased cleaning.

Cleaning measures should be consistent with –Work Health and Safety during COVID-19: Guide to Keeping your workplace safe, clean and healthy.

How many people are we allowed at an outdoor venue?

There is no venue limit for regular competition structure/ fixtures;  Organisations must consider their capability to manage the expected number of people at the venue in line with their COVID Safe Plan.  Off the field of play, everyone must adhere to 1.5 physical distancing.

Please note there are restrictions for indoor venues, outlined in the Industry COVID Safe Plan. 

Our facility owner is not opening the facility we use for our activity. Can we force them to open so we can participate?

Facility owners will need to undertake a review of the activities and operations. A facility is not required to open. You should discuss with your local Council or Landowner in regard to timeframes for opening and conditions of access.

Note: Affiliates/Clubs must have written consent from Council/Landowner prior to the resumption of any activity. 

Can shared equipment be used?

Where possible, participants should bring their own equipment and minimise the use of shared equipment. Any shared equipment should be cleaned pre and post-activity and participants should sanitise their hands frequently.

Can we still have volunteers to help out?

Yes, just look after the wellbeing of these people by implementing things like maintaining a record of the people who work at the venue, installing barriers to maintain physical distancing and having good hygiene and cleaning practices in place.

Note: No more than 20 people per venue is allowed under stage 2 restrictions.

When can I resume training at my Affiliate?

The Queensland Government’s Return to Play Guide outlines that Stage 2 (from midday 1 June 2020) of the restrictions permits non-contact organised activity for up to 20 people per venue with a COVID-19 Safety Plan. Please find further information regarding Queensland State-Specific requirements here.

In addition to these restrictions, the Queensland State Government on 4 June approved a sport-specific Industry COVID Safe Plan which allows flexibility on the number of people per playing space/zone which can be viewed here – Approved COVID Industry Plan.



How do I physically distance myself when Touch requires me to defend in close proximity and make touches?

All activities must be non-contact until Stage 3 ease of restrictions, currently expected to come into effect on 10 July 2020. You will need to be creative with the skills, drills and activities until that time. Focus on building up the strength, fitness and skill requirements. Check out our youtube channel for some creative ways to stay fit through non-contact training.

The canteen service we provide brings much needed money into our organisation, can we open?

Based on health advice, canteens associated with community sports clubs can open with the return of community sport in Stage 2 from 1 June 2020. Please adhere to the COVID Safe checklist for Restaurants/cafes (for Canteens).

What documentation do I need to be able to resume training?

You may resume training at your Affiliate once you have completed the following:

  1. Obtained written Council/Landowner approval to return to activity.
  2. Created and implemented a COVID-19 Safety Plan and can adhere to strict hygiene and social distancing protocols.
  3. Completed the ‘Return to Play Checklist’.
  4. Attendance Register completed for each training session for all participants attending training.

*Templates available here.

The following recommendations are also encouraged prior to the recommencement of training.

  1. Everyone is encouraged to complete the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) – What It Is, How to Prevent Spread course, available now for free in The Nest.
  2. Sport Australia recommends every sporting Affiliate/Club appoints a COVID-19 Safety Coordinator.

Note: A maximum of 20 people per venue applies under Stage 2 of the restrictions (including players, coaches and parents).

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