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Updated 1 July 2020.

Touch Football Australia in conjunction with Queensland Touch Football (QTF) has developed a ‘Return to Play Protocols and Guidelines’ to provide the touch community with a clear direction that supports affiliates and participants for the safe return of touch football in Queensland.

QTF has also prepared ‘Return to Play Guidelines’ to provide Affiliates and Regions with further clarification, guidance and templates specific to the Queensland Government’s roadmap to easing restrictions.

Please stay up-to-date with the latest information which will be available here. Further resources are located at the bottom of this page.

STAGE 1 – May 15
The Queensland Government’s Return to Play Guide outlines that Stage 1 of the restrictions does not include organised sport or recreational activities. No indoor or outdoor organised sport, including training or playing is permitted during this stage. Now is the time to prepare and develop processes and plans that meet the government and health authority guidelines.

The following recommendations are also encouraged prior to the recommencement of training.

  1. Everyone is encouraged to complete the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) – What It Is, How to Prevent Spread course, available now for free in The Nest.
  2. Sport Australia recommends every sporting Affiliate/Club appoints a COVID-19 Safety Coordinator.


STAGE 2 – June 1
The Queensland Government’s Return to Play Guide outlines that Stage 2 of the restrictions permits non-contact organised activity for up to 20 people per venue with a COVID Safe Plan. In addition to these restrictions, the Queensland State Government has approved a Sport-specific Industry COVID Safe Plan which allows flexibility on the number of people per playing space/zone which can be viewed here – Approved COVID Industry Plan.

On a touch football field, there are provisions for a maximum of two separate playing spaces/zones per field that can accommodate a total of 20 people per playing space, where Affiliates are compliant with the requirements of the approved COVID Safe Industry Plan and relevant health directions. Click here to read more.

Affiliates must ensure they are up to date with the required government protocols and guidelines prior to commencing training.

Associations – Affiliates & Clubs
Things to consider prior to the resumption of training/competitions.

– Review the QTF Return to Play Guidelines
– Review the TFA Return to Play Protocols and Guidelines

– Have you appointed a safety coordinator?
– Have you completed a COVID-19 safety plan?
– Have you cross-referenced your plan with the ‘Return to Play Readiness Checklist’.
– Have you obtained council/landowner approval to resume activity?
– Have you created a map of your facility and how your venue can meet the requirements outlined in the plan?
– Do you have the resources to ensure an Attendance Register is kept after every training session/game?

*An example of a COVID-19 Safety Plan can be viewed here –


  • Groups must have approval from the Association (Affiliate/Club) to use the facility.
  • Remain at home if you feel unwell or are in a vulnerable health category.
  • Comply will ALL directions from the Association (Affiliate/Club).
  • Parents and supporters are discouraged where possible.
  • Prior to your training, review training time and venue information supplied by your Coach or Competition Administrator
  • Make sure you arrive at the venue ready to play
  • Check-in prior to commencing training via an Attendance Register
  • Practise good hygiene and social distancing
  • Abide by separate entry and exit points
  • Use sanitisation stations frequently
  • Get in. Play and Get Out. Do not congregate before/after training
  • Avoid the use of changerooms, bathrooms and communal areas

Click here to view a ‘Checklist for Participants’.


STAGE 3- July 1 from 12 pm
Under Stage 3 restrictions, from noon, the resumption of competition and physical contact is permitted on the field of play (including training) when following a COVID Safety Plan.

All Touch Football activities must adhere to strict physical distancing measures of one person per four square metres off the field of play and follow appropriate hygiene practices.

More events will also be allowed under Stage 3, including:

  1.  Fewer than 500 people – no approval needed when following a COVID Safe Event Checklist
  2. 500 to 10,000 people – need a COVID Safe Event Plan approved by local public health units

The Department of Sport and Recreation is currently working with industry peak bodies and Queensland Health to update our Industry COVID Safe Plan and reflect changes in Stage 3. Once this becomes available, QTF will provide further clarity to its members.

Please view the “QTF Return to Play Guidelines” and the “TFA Return to Play Protocols and Guidelines” to begin preparation, until further information under Stage 2 can be provided.

QTF Return to Play Guidelines

QTF Additional Resources


Hygiene Systems Australia

Hygiene facilities to help Affiliates get back on the field safely.

TFA Return to Play Resource Hub

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Competitions & Fixtures

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