Following yesterday’s industry teleconference update with the Department of Sport and Recreation, Queensland Touch Football (QTF) and other State Sporting Organisations were informed that stage 1 of the State Governments ‘Roadmap to easing Queensland’s restrictions’ recovery plan commencing this Friday 15 May at midnight, does not include organised sport or recreational activities. The outdoor, non-contact activity gatherings of up to 10 people permitted by the Government in stage 1 is intended for families, groups of friends or members of the same household.

We understand many of you are eager to return to the field, however, we all must adhere to the current stage 1 restrictions put out by the State Government until further clarity is provided by the Department of Sport and Recreation. This includes any organised training sessions or face to face courses. QTF has been advised Police will be monitoring community sports venues over the weekend to ensure stage 1 restrictions set down by the State Government are being adhered to and any breach that occurs, may potentially result in a fine.

The health and well being of our touch community remains a priority. A breach of the stage 1 restrictions would not only jeopardise the safety of members but may also jeopardise the resumption of touch football and sport here in Queensland.

QTF has been informed, an official position and specific wording on the details above will be provided from the Department of Sport and Recreation to QTF on Friday. We hope this will provide further clarity and understanding for our touch community. QTF will provide further updates as soon as they become available.

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