The Department of Sport and Recreation overnight has released a ‘Return to Play guide for Queensland sport, recreation and fitness industries’ which provides clarification surrounding Stage 1 restrictions of the State Governments ‘Roadmap to easing Queensland’s restrictions’ recovery plan.

It has been reaffirmed that stage 1 of the restrictions does not include organised sport or recreational activities.

We all must adhere to the current stage 1 restrictions put out by the Department of Sport and Recreation, there should be no training or playing of any kind throughout stage 1 of the easing of restrictions.

The Queensland Government understands the critical importance of fitness, sport and active recreation to Queenslanders and the strong desire to safely phase in its re-introduction and has established a ‘Return to Play Guide’ which can be viewed here. This is a staged approach in line with the National Cabinets recovery roadmap.

 More information will follow throughout the week and coming weeks as we receive updates.

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