written 30 July 2021

Queensland Touch Football (QTF) are pleased to officially announce that Inferno has been re-appointed as QTF Apparel and Merchandise Partner. Inferno has been a long-term partner of Queensland Touch and has shown excellent partnership skills with our organisation.

Since their initial partnership in 2017, Inferno and QTF have enjoyed a fruitful relationship. Inferno has a proven record of going above and beyond to ensure QTF is supplied with high-quality, great value merchandise at every event.

QTF CEO, Greg Denny states, ‘The overwhelmingly positive and high-level interest that we had received during the applicant phase goes to show that as a sport, we are continuing on a successful trajectory with a genuine commercial vision from third parties. Inferno has proven that they are a trustworthy partnership with a shared vision for future success. We are excited to work alongside them.”

This is an exciting time for Queensland Touch Football and this partnership will continue to support QTF’s ongoing brand presence.



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