Queensland Touch Football are proud to announce College of Sport and Fitness as the Official Knowledge Partner until 2022.

College of Sport and Fitness (CSF) are a nationally accredited training provider with over 12 years’ experience. CSF have partnered with Queensland Touch Football (QTF) to deliver a Certificate II and III in Sport Coaching and Sport and Recreation which specialises in Touch Football. Students will have the opportunity to complete their Certificate II and III during high school and also come out with accreditation as a level 1 Referee and Foundation Coach in Touch Football.

The program is jointly endorsed by QTF and Touch Football Australia and provides students in secondary schools with the opportunity to attain a number of qualifications funded by the QLD Vocational Education and Training in Schools program (VETiS).

“We are thrilled to partner with an organisation that can help educate young minds in the art of Touch Football. By providing the opportunity of higher education through VET courses we are allowing schools to create an environment where students are not only playing the game but can shape it through, administration, officiating, coaching and development.”

“We will work with our affiliates, regions and the schools to make connection between them so students can continue their journey in Touch Football from school through to our Affiliates. There are so many tournaments and competitions run every week throughout QLD and finding referees, coaches and administrators to assist these is integral to the development and growth of our sport” said Ben Mannion, QTF CEO.

“CSF is constantly searching for innovative solutions to enhance the learning outcomes of all students in the Sports and Recreation Industry. CSF provides its learners the tools and knowledge needed to become a successful working professional within their chosen field. That is why we recognise a partnership with Queensland Touch Football as an integral part of the delivery of sport specific programs” said John Iacono, Managing Director of CSF.

The key outcomes of the program consist of

  • Certificate II and Certificate III accreditation specialised in Touch Football
  • Students to obtain their sport accreditation as level 1 Referee and Foundation Coach
  • Up to 8 QCE points
  • Further study opportunities
  • Networking and career opportunities

If you would like to find out more information regarding this program and its delivery within your school, please contact Lee Shea, Business Development Manager, CSF on  0423 845 980 or via e-mail at lee@csf.edu.au.



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