Q Academy
The Q Academy is an initiative designed to cater for all levels of the community whether it’s the Discovery Phase of fun and excitement through touch football games and activities through to the dynamic sport of touch football where we will provide development and pathway opportunities for players who are aspiring to play touch football at an elite level. It also assists in the development of coaches, where key learnings and skills can be applied across both Touch Football and the NRL.

Holiday Academy
The Holiday Academy is a fun touch football academy for boys and girls aged between 6-16 years. The programs aim is about the discovery of touch football skills in a fun and enjoyable environment and is delivered statewide during school holidays.

Development Academy
Targeted towards both boys and girls aged between 11-16 years, the participants enjoy a 90-minute session of touch football specific grid and drills working on skill acquisition. Similar to the 6-session Performance Academy, the Development Academy is a single session.

Performance Academy
This is a 6-session touch football clinic for competitive athletes aged between 11-16 years looking to elevate their game. This academy is delivered to regional and metro areas and is designed to improve all facets of the athlete’s game on the field through game training scenarios.

Youth Academy
A 3-day selective Touch Football Camp. Participants who attend the Youth Academy are selected at the Junior State Championships and play an important part in the youth development pathway. This camp focuses on intensive skills circuits, strength and conditioning coaching and training games to improve learnings in competition conditions. At the Youth Academy both boys and girls Under 14 and Under 16 players will get to to represent their NRL Touch Premiership Broncos, Cowboys and Titans Permits.

Q Academy Tours
The Q Academy Tour is a combination of our Holiday, Development and Performance Academies and typically includes coach development opportunities. QTF travels around the state during key times of the year such as school holidays, delivering key sessions collaboratively with the local Affiliates.
– Spring Tour
– Summer Tour
– Autumn Tour
– Winter Tour

Coach Development 
The Coach Development program is a train the trainer coaching program designed to workshop with Coaches utilising theory classroom sessions and practical outdoor sessions. The aim is to work with Affiliate and School coaches and upskill both delivery methods and touch football content through resources and activities. These can be tailored to suit all levels of coaches and can include coach accreditation courses.

QTF also delivers select Academy programs in Schools.

If you’d like more information on our Q Academy or would like to book a session at your School, please contact Tristan Mana, Performance & Pathways Manager on 0416 323 181 or E: tristan@qldtouch.com.au.


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