Queensland Touch Football has today announced the Licensed Apparel Suppliers of Queensland Touch Football (QTF).

The Apparel Licensing Program intends to protect the QTF brand image, create a professional and consistent look and feel and control the use of our intellectual property (IP). Under the licensing program QTF has reviewed and selected the following eight (8), non-exclusive apparel suppliers, for a three (3) year term.

  • Inferno
  • Beastwear
  • Emu Sportswear
  • ISC Teamwear
  • Octivo
  • Struddys
  • Tribal Sport
  • Triple Play

You can locate a full list of the supplier contact details here.

Effective from 1 March 2020, only official QTF Apparel Licensees will be permitted to affix the NRL QLD Touch Football approved logo (QTF Logo) to apparel items, including Affiliate team uniforms at any level (park teams, affiliates/regions, etc).

  • On-Field Playing Tops
  • On-Field Playing Shorts
  • Caps
  • Off-Field Team Apparel

The QTF logo will be compulsory on all on-field team uniforms at QLD Touch Football events after 30 September 2020. The first compulsory QTF event will be the QLD State Cup 2020. The QTF logo is available for use on off-field team uniforms by QTF Licensed Apparel Suppliers only, as per the QTF Uniform Guidelines.

The QTF Uniform Guidelines and FAQs on the QTF Apparel Licencing Program can be found here. They provide additional information regarding the program, use of our logo and compulsory events.

Inferno remains the Official Apparel Supplier of Queensland Touch Football.

We hope this will enable Affiliates and teams across Queensland to access quality on and off-field apparel at competitive prices.

For any further information on our Apparel Licensing Program, please contact Rachael Stacey on 07 3367 6253 or E: rachael@qldtouch.com.au.

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