Firstly, thank you to all our regions, affiliates, volunteers and QTF staff that have worked tirelessly in these uncertain times. COVID-19 has disrupted all our lives and the priority of the QTF Board is to protect the health and safety of our touch football community.

We know as a community we will get through this if we face this challenge by uniting. All sporting organisations in Australia are being challenged, so we know we are not alone. We want you to know we are here to support you and no-one in our QTF community needs to work through this alone. We stand united with our ultimate goal to lead our sport through this crisis and remain sustainable into the future as we work through this difficult time.

The Board and Staff have been continuing to closely monitor developments regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, with the Board meeting weekly during this time. This is in conjunction with the work being done collaboratively with the national body, Touch Football Australia and NSW Touch Football, to devise a pathway to recovery.

COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of life right across Australia. Members of our touch football family at all levels are aware of this, and no doubt, have also been affected. We, like all, are not immune to the impacts and have experienced a significant downturn in our business. Unfortunately, this has meant that we have had to scale back our operations due to the effects of the pandemic.

As such our QTF staff have been working on reduced hours and wages and continue to do so. While it was a difficult decision to make, we had to act for the health and wellbeing of the organisation in a manner that gives us the best platform to assist all our affiliates through recovery and ensure the future of the sport. We would like to acknowledge the continued commitment and enthusiasm of QTF staff over this difficult period. As we move through this COVID-19 situation, I can advise Affiliates, Regions and members alike that the Board and Staff continue to work on critical items of the business. The Board continues to assess this situation weekly and also work through the changing aspects of the Job Keeper Scheme.

While we continue to face these uncertain times, the main consideration at this point in time for the Board is to ensure the financial security of the sport and, as such, have frozen any spending outside of core operations until we can have some more certainty around the ability of the sport to continue to be able to return to play and complete our seasons uninterrupted.

Our QTF staff are working closely with all levels of Government to ensure they are aware of the impact on our sport financially. To this date, the only financial support provided by the state government has been the advanced payment of our Active Industry Funding. While this payment does provide immediate assistance, we must plan the use of these funds very carefully, being very conscious that these funds are coming from our future revenue sources and we are required to deliver on a number of KPI’s as a condition of this funding.

We have been buoyed by several affiliates recommencing their competitions over the last month. We would like to thank these affiliates for their efforts in pulling together for the greater good at this time of unforeseen crisis. We would encourage all affiliates to continue with your planning efforts for future seasons and encourage those affiliates to reach out for guidance and support in this planning from QTF Staff and Board.

QTF has continued to work on scenario planning to prepare to be able to hold our remaining major events for 2020 and will continue to work with regions, sponsors and government to be able to hold these events while ensuring the safety of our community.

We understand the profound impact Covid-19 has had on us all, emotionally, mentally and financially.  Let’s continue to look after each other, be kind, stay safe, we will get through this.


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