Queensland Touch Football Development Manager, Tristan Mana has announced his resignation and will finish up with Queensland Touch Football (QTF) on 13 January 2023.

Over the past four years of his employment, Tristan has fulfilled many roles for QTF and Southern Queensland Sharks (SQBD) and formed an integral part of the senior management team at QTF.

Tristan managed high performance and pathways throughout Queensland for 2 years, prior to moving back to Sharks as Development lead, and returning to QTF as Development Manager to lead our development team as we expanded across Qld.

Tristan launched the Q Academy program in 2019, an initiative designed to drive community participation across all levels of the game from the Discovery Phase through to Talent Pathway. This was followed in recent years, with the roll out of the Coach Developer program, working with the local Affiliate coaches, and piloting of new participation concepts including the Schools District Cup and Schools Liaisons.

Tristan embodies our QTF Vision to Unite, Inspire and Grow and lives our values; being Forward Thinking Leading with Humility, Passionately Proud, Stronger Together and Fostering Fun.

Tristan’s contribution to touch football in Queensland has been significant and much of our sport development and programs can be attributed to Tristan’s vision, passion and love for touch football, and his commitment to excellence. Tristan is the quintessential team player, leader and mentor. No job too big, nor too small.

We thank Tristan for his years of service and wish him all the success on his next adventure!


Unite. Inspire. Grow.

Forward Thinking | Stronger Together | Leading with Humility | Passionately Proud | Fostering Fun


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