Queensland Touch Football (QTF) is proud to announce it is commencing work with Terry Johnston through Sponsorship Ready.

Sponsorship Ready has a strong history of working with State Sporting Organisations and clubs on assisting in their sponsorship strategy, sponsorship properties, and go-to-market strategies. Terry has previously worked with organizations such as Hockey Queensland, Softball Queensland, and Surf Life Saving Queensland.

“Queensland Touch Football has gone through a period of great growth, change, and development. We are revising our strategic plan for the coming years, and we are excited to work with Terry to ensure our partner strategy aligns with this”, said Troy Morgan QTF Chairman.

“Over the past three years we have been able to develop some fantastic assets and create a brand which is positive, active, healthy and experiences great engagement with our members and are looking for partners who align with our key strategic pillars of Unite, Inspire and Grow” continued Troy.

QTF has engaged Terry Johnston from Sponsorship Ready to work closely with the QTF and unlock the value of the QTF reach, with the aim of impacting QTF’s role in the Queensland community and providing valued opportunities to potential partners.

With over 70,000 members and more than 130,000 participants across Queensland, touch football is one of the highest participated sports in the state and provides an attractive and unique offering to potential partners with its varied age demographics and the intrinsically inclusive nature of the game; which caters to all genders and all abilities.

If you would be interested to connect to our members through some of the largest team participation events in Queensland, statewide programs, and extensive reach through our digital platforms please contact us today.


For more information contact Rachael Stacey, QTF Partnership Manager via rachael@qldtouch.com.au

Unite. Inspire. Grow.

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