Queensland Touch Football (QTF) would like to officially welcome KBS Sportswear & Apparel to the QTF licensed apparel supplier family.
KBS (Knowledge Benefits Success) is a family-owned and operated business whose team are product of touch football, having been active members of the sport for many years.

About their business, KBS says, “We are genuinely passionate about providing the best possible apparel for our clients and growing the success of your brand and our business. Establishing strong, mutually beneficial relationships allows us to give back to the game and its community throughout Australia.”

KBS joins our current list of apparel partners

  • Inferno www.infernosports.com.au
  • Emu www.emusportswear.com.au
  • ISC www.iscsport.com
  • Octivo www.octivo.com.au
  • Struddy’s www.struddys.com.au
  • Tripal Sport www.tribalsport.com.au
  • KBS www.kbsportswear.com.au

A full list of QTF Licensed Apparel Suppliers and contacts are available here.

KBS Logo

Unite. Inspire. Grow.

Forward Thinking | Stronger Together | Leading with Humility | Passionately Proud | Fostering Fun


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