In light of the information provided from State Government regarding the fast-tracking of Stage 2 restrictions and the announcement yesterday of an approved Industry COVID Plan, Queensland Touch Football (QTF) would like to stress that an Affiliate must have a COVID-19 Safety Plan in place prior to recommencing team training, that has been reviewed by its relevant Region.

As outlined previously, prior to the resumption of any team training an Affiliate must:

  1. Obtain written Council/Landowner approval to return to activity.
  2. Create and implement a COVID-19 Safety Plan that has been reviewed by the respective region.
  3. Complete the ‘Return to Play Checklist’.
  4. Ability to adhere to strict hygiene and social distancing protocols (4m Square & 1.5m Distancing).
  5. Ability to complete an Attendance Register for each training session for all participants attending training.

We understand the level of complexity of the requirements and therefore discourage any training until Affiliates are familiar and confident, they can implement the required protocols and guidelines. There is a number of templates and resources available to Affiliates on the QTF website and the Touch Football Return to Play Resource Hub.

In relation to the COVID Industry Approved Plan that allows more than the limit of people as prescribed in the current Stage 2 of the Roadmap to Easing Restrictions, an Affiliate must read and adhere to the additional requirements outlined in the approved COVID Safe Industry Plan.


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