Queensland Touch Football (QTF) in collaboration with other State Sporting Organisations, submitted a COVID Safe Industry Plan to the Queensland Government, seeking approval for flexibility regarding the restrictions on behalf of all clubs and organisations within the sector including, where appropriate, allowing more participants than specified in the roadmap.

QTF is excited to announce that the Chief Health Officer (CHO) has approved a Sport Industry COVID Safe Plan which includes Touch Football and can be viewed here.  This approval is for Stage 2 Return to Training only.

Under the approved Industry COVID Safe Plan, outdoor fields can now accommodate multiple playing spaces. On a touch football field, there is provisions for a maximum of two separate playing spaces/zones per field that can accommodate a total of 20 people per playing space. Please reference the field layout examples here.

Affiliates and Regions which have a COVID-19 Safety Plan, which is compliant with the requirements of the approved COVID Safe Industry Plan and the relevant Health Directions, including social distancing requirements and floor space limits, can have 20 people per playing space (a total of 40 people per field). This includes players, coaches, staff, trainers and instructors. This is more than the limit of people as prescribed in the current stage 2 of the Roadmap to Easing Restrictions.

Affiliates must read the approved COVID Safe Industry Plan prior to commencing training of more than 20 people. Please see below some key requirements.

  • Co-mingling between playing spaces/zones is strictly prohibited.
  • Each playing space/zone must be clearly marked.
  • Separate entry and exit points per playing space/zone are required.
  • 4 square metres required per person and physical distancing of 1.5 metres must apply.
  • Schedule staggered start and finishing times, with a minimum 15 minutes between training sessions.

If you can safely fit multiple groups of 20 people on an outdoor greenspace, allowing them to have 4 square metres each and remain 1.5 meters apart without co-mingling and any unnecessary risk, you may proceed with caution if you can adhere to the necessary Queensland Government requirements.

QTF will continue to work with the government as we progress through Stage 2 and will provide further updates when it comes to hand.

For more information regarding COVID-19 Safety Plans and return to training protocols and guidelines please Click here.


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